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Glacigen owns an innovative and clean manufacturing technique that produces ultra-high-performance batteries and reduces overall production costs.

We are partnering with battery manufacturers to demonstrate the performance benefits and cost savings of our technique in production-scale factory lines.

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Battery demand is growing rapidly.

But today’s batteries are limited because they…

…are too big

         …recharge too slowly

              …lose capacity in cold weather

                  …cost too much to make


Our Solution

By adopting Glacigen technology to modernize one step in their existing manufacturing process, battery companies will redefine our expectations of what can be powered by batteries.

Ultra-high-performance and affordable batteries will allow users to recharge their phone in minutes, dramatically extend the mileage of electric vehicles, and enable widespread electrification of commercial aircraft.

Third-party verified

Third-party testing including full-cell tests have shown large performance benefits, while other potential customers have modeled cost reductions with the same technology.

Our Technology

Known as freeze-tape-casting, our innovative manufacturing technique produces battery electrode material with uniquely engineered microscopic structures. The resulting electrode materials allow more rapid electronic and mass transport. As a result, batteries using electrodes produced using Glacigen’s freeze-tape-casting technique can use significantly less inactive material — saving costs and greatly reducing the size and weight of the overall battery.

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