Glacigen manufactures engineered foams using the freeze tape casting process, with a particular emphasis on the battery industry. Glacigen can manufacture foams with common metal and ceramic powders, and can also apply our slurry development expertise to cast custom materials our customers already use in their products.

Our goal at Glacigen is to enable your batteries to benefit from the performance improvements conferred by our unique microstructure. To that end, we are willing to provide samples for you to evaluate in your cells. After your evaluation, we can work with you to optimize the morphology of the foams in your application, and can then transition the optimized material system from prototype to production quantities.

Two example cross-sections taken from a functional oxide ceramic anode currently being tested in cells are shown in the below photographs. These two cross-section views are of the same structure but from orthogonal perspectives. The left-hand view shows the low tortuosity of the pores; the right-hand view shows how these pores extend along one axis of the material. The fabrication process can be tailored to either promote or reduce this long range order as desired.