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Our environmentally-friendly manufacturing process is called freeze-tape-casting. It’s material-agnostic, meaning it can be applied to a wide range of battery types and materials, including ceramics, metals, and polymers.

We have developed it to produce battery electrodes with unique micro-structures and features that enhance performance. The resulting highly-engineered electrode materials allow for enhanced electronic and ionic transport over traditional electrodes of the same composition. As a result, batteries manufactured using Glacigen’s freeze-tape-casting technique require significantly less inactive material — saving costs and greatly reducing the size and weight of the overall battery.


The Product


The key advantage of freeze tape casting is that the porosity in the produced sheet material can be highly engineered. As can be seen in the seen in the images to the right, the material produced by Glacigen’s technique is highly-ordered, with empty cylindrical lanes cut through it. Compare that to traditional material, which is gravel-like, with no easily-navigable lanes. Our low-tortuosity microstructures (i.e. having minimal turns) result in greatly enhanced performance. 

As a result, battery electrodes can be made much thicker, thereby requiring significantly less inactive material thus increasing energy density while simultaneously enhancing rate capability.

Glacigen engineers are available to assist with the development of formulations to enable the casting of all types of materials, as well as any potential subsequent infiltration step.


Cross-section of battery electrode produced by Glacigen and competitor


Batteries using current manufacturing technology

Third-party verified

Results from third-party testing of a full-cell battery using Glacigen technology have shown simultaneous performance benefits and production cost savings.

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